Ukraine Leadership & Technology Academy

We empower young Ukrainian leaders by sharing world-class knowledge from MIT

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🎓 What is ULTA?

ULTA is a tuition-free educational program for Ukrainian high school students in grades 9 and 10. Our participants will show a strong passion for technology, active engagement in their communities, proficiency in English, and enthusiasm for learning from MIT mentors. By utilizing MIT’s open education resources, we aim to create a bridge between the rigor of MIT education and the perspectives of Ukrainian students. ULTA is in partnership with UA-Teens.

🌍 Our Vision

We envision to empower and inspire the next generation of Ukrainian leaders by sharing world-class knowledge from MIT. These young people are growing up during a time of war and hardship, but they possess a unique perspective that will be invaluable as the country moves forward. Our goal is to equip Ukrainian high-schoolers with the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to rebuild Ukraine into a thriving, European nation.

Update: September 2023

Dear Friends,

We’re excited to share that our first ULTA summer program, in Barcelona, has just concluded!

The experience of mentoring students through ULTA has been incredibly rewarding. Why? Because it was abundantly clear that we were not merely delivering an outstanding educational experience to our students: we were also profoundly changing their lives, putting them on a new, exponential success trajectory. This program was and is a transformative experience for the students, equipping them with both technology and communication skills that are often lacking in Ukrainian education. The students are highly talented and driven, and they all have project ideas aimed at rebuilding Ukraine.


Across Ukraine, 725 ambitious applicants, from busy cities to small villages, have shown their enthusiasm for our program. Each application is a testament to our nation’s diverse potential. Thank you for your commitment!

After a tough admissions process we have selected 20 finalists, a diverse and strong cohort of future leaders that will reshape Ukraine’s future. This group embodies the very spirit of resilience and ambition that we believe will be instrumental in rebuilding Ukraine.

Hometowns of ULTA'24 Finalists

2023-2024 Finalist Cohort

  • Basov Andrii, Kyiv 
  • Plakhotna Mariia, Poltava Oblast
  • Antoniuk Daryna, Rivne Oblast
  • Yevlan Vladyslav, Odessa Oblast
  • Holoshchuk Yaryna, Lviv Oblast
  • Zubova Dariia, Kharkiv Oblast
  • Drugov Nazar, Donetsk Oblast
  • Matviienko Uliana, Kyiv
  • Hrybchuk Daryna, Rivne Oblast
  • Lavrik Antonina, Zaporizhzhia Oblast
  • Orliuk Diana, Vinnytsia Oblast
  • Kertutskyi Yarema, Lviv Oblast
  • Matviiuk Sviatoslav, Kyiv
  • Zahika Andrii, Vinnytsia Oblast
  • Gret Kateryna, Zakarpattia Oblast
  • Bondarenko Nataliia, Lviv Oblast
  • Melnyk Anton, Rivne Oblast
  • Pieshkov Rostyslav, Kyiv
  • Borysenko Volodymyr, Cherkasy Oblast
  • Lipkevych Sofiia, Lviv Oblast

Our students will receive:

Two MIT courses, based on your interests and passion

Our co-founding partner:

UA-Teens is our co-founding partner and financial sponsor of the program. UA-Teens is also responsible for running the logistics of the program and public relationships of Ukraine Leadership & Technology Academy (ULTA) in Ukrainian media sphere. Learn more about our partners here.

Organizational support

Tourist partner

Program Structure 2023-2024

  • August 20 - September 3, 2023 | Gavà, Spain

    Ukrainian teenagers are studying intensively for two weeks, instructed by mentors – students from MIT. Teenagers are mastering material through our specifically designed educational program, which is based on MIT’s educational resources. Learn more about the logistics of summer 2023.

  • September-April, 2023-2024 | Online

    Every participant of the program will be matched with a mentor (an MIT student) according to their professional interests. Together with their mentors, participants will study throughout the year using MIT’s open educational resources, available through MIT OpenCourseWare. Participants will meet with their mentors, other participants of ULTA, and members of the MIT academic community. At those meetings, participants will discuss their independently mastered material and analyze challenging questions.

  • 2 weeks in Summer 2024 | Gavà, Spain

    After a year’s worth of work, our program participants will meet with MIT mentors for 2 more weeks. Geared with the newly acquired knowledge and skills, Ukrainian teenagers will work on individual or group projects, guided by MIT mentors.

Our Curriculum at a glance

Summer program 2023

in Gavà, Spain

Two MIT courses, based on your interests and passion

Throughout the program:

Meet our team

Andrii Zahorodnii

MIT'2024 | Computation and Cognition

Dima Yanovsky

MIT'2025 | Computer Science

Nadiia Kuzmychova

Co-founding partner
UA Teens
Managing Partner​

Svitlana Krasynska

MIT-Ukraine liaison
Program Manager

Application Process